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These products are Food for Special Medical Purposes and should only be taken according to advice by a healthcare professional.

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    • AYMES Shake
      Great-Tasting, Milkshake-Style Oral Nutritional Supplement AYMES Shake comes presented in individual flavour cartons conveniently containing...
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    • AYMES Complete
      Ready-to-Drink, Milkshake-Style Oral Nutritional Supplement AYMES Complete is a nutritionally complete, high energy (1.5 kcal/ml),...
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    • AYMES Retail
      Oral Nutrition Support Available Over The Counter AYMES Retail is a nutritional supplement powder, based...
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    • AYMES Creme
      Ready-To-Eat, Dessert-Style Oral Nutritional Supplement. AYMES Creme is a nutritionally-balanced, ready-to-eat dessert-style oral nutritional supplement....
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    • AYMES 2.0kCal
      Ready-To-Drink, High Calorie, Milkshake-Style Oral Nutritional Supplement. AYMES 2.0kCal is a nutritionally complete, ready-to-drink, milkshake-style...
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    • AYMES Shake Extra
      High Energy Milkshake-Style Oral Nutritional Supplement. AYMES Shake Extra is a high-energy, powdered, milkshake-style oral...
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    • AYMES Shake Compact
      The only ACBS approved Compact Powder ONS AYMES Shake Compact is a nutritionally-balanced, low-volume, milkshake-style...
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    • AYMES Acusist Clear
      An IDDSI compliant Xanthan Gum Thickener to help promote safe swallowing. With only 341mg (0.27...
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    • AYMES Shake Smoothie
      The first powder Smoothie-style oral nutritional supplement. AYMES Shake Smoothie is a nutritionally-balanced, juice-style oral...
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    • AYMES ActaGain 2.4 Complete Maxi
      The only one-a-day 2.4kCal 200ml ready-to-drink supplement. ActaGain 2.4 Complete Maxi is presented in single...
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