Quality and QMS Policy


AYMES International Limited is a specialist producer of Oral Nutrition Supplements whose commitment is to provide our patients and customers with innovative high quality products exceeding their needs and expectations in a safe and affordable manner.


This policy is aimed at supporting the company’s core Mission, Values and Strategy by outlining our commitment to setting high quality standards across all aspects and departments of our business by:

  • Enabling the effective and efficient monitoring of quality standards and the quality of the Customer experience in relation to internal imperatives and external requirements (such as those stated in various quality codes and from accrediting professional, statutory and regulatory bodies);
  • Ensuring consistency whilst enabling and acknowledging diverse methods, suppliers, processes and practices;
  • Providing a mechanism for critical review and, in doing so, highlight and promote good practice across the company.

AYMES International limited is committed to setting a baseline quality standard across all operations that will attain and sustain QMS levels within and throughout the organisation that allow for ISO 9001:2015 accreditation so that its customers, suppliers and others can be assured of their commitment to quality throughout their business practices.


This policy applies to all staff, self-employed people and contractors, in all departments, internally and externally, involved in the business of AYMES International Limited and covers all processes and procedures related to that business, directly or indirectly. The policy also applies to any external suppliers and manufacturers who wish to engage with AYMES International Limited in the products and services it supplies.


  • It is the responsibility of the CEO and SLT to ensure that the correct people are employed for the right tasks.
  • It is the responsibility of the Office Manager to ensure the policy is broadcast throughout the company and to ensure that every staff member, self-employed person and contractor is aware of the Quality Policy, procedures and standards, and to provide training should there be a lack of knowledge.
  • It is the responsibility of every staff member who engages external services for the company to ensure that those companies have the same QMS standards and procedures in place.
  • It is the responsibility of every Manager within the company to ensure that the staff within their jurisdiction apply and follow these principles and procedures in their everyday workings.
  • It is the responsibility of every staff member, Self-employed person and contractor to follow the Policy and processes as instructed.

Responsibility for the successful implementation of the QMS belongs with all AYMES staff at each level and function within the organisation.

The ongoing effectiveness of the QMS systems in place is the responsibility of the Internal AYMES QMS Team made up of The Head of Logistics and Supply Chain, The Head of NPD and Regulatory, The Office Manager.

AYMES Nutrition is committed to:

  • Employing the highest calibre of staff for the right roles.
  • Ensuring all staff who are employed by AYMES International Limited are trained in AYMES Policies and procedures and QMS standards of excellence.
  • Promoting continuous improvement of the QMS by regularly setting and reviewing processes and objectives with regular Internal and External audits by accredited regulators.
  • Designing and developing products that continually meet the highest food safety and quality standards and patient focus
  • Meeting or exceeding all statutory and regulatory requirements for quality and food safety
  • Ensuring sustainable food safety and quality performance through implementation and certification of effective quality management systems compliant with ISO 9001:2015
  • Communicating quality requirements to suppliers, contractors, wholesalers, by establishing specifications for AYMES products, product storage guidelines and monitoring their compliance
  • Working closely with our approved suppliers to develop a large variety of innovative high-quality products for malnutrition at an affordable price
  • Validating the effectiveness of the food safety and quality management systems through internal and external audit processes recognized by the International Standards Organisation
  • Improving our capabilities by implementing programmes to develop technical skills, increase awareness, manage risk and drive increasing levels of excellence
  • Only engaging with business partners who meet the same quality standards