A first for AYMES, a first for paediatric ONS.

Nutritional care is at the heart of who we are and all we do.

By making simple, innovative nutritional solutions for our healthcare partners and patients, we’re passionately paying it forward.

When it comes to caring for little ones, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for them. That’s why, at AYMES, we’re delighted to introduce a brand new product range, extending our care beyond adults to help nourish your little patients with the latest innovations in ONS. A first of its kind in the paediatric market, this new product range has been specially developed to support children and families to receive the nutritional care they need.

A fresh approach to ONS

Catch up on our educational webinar

An Integrated Approach to Paediatric Feeding Difficulties

To support the launch of new ActaJuni Shake, AYMES partnered with The Feeding Trust to hold a dedicated paediatric webinar, hosted by registered dietitian and children’s nutritionist Sarah Almond Bushell.

This provides a real opportunity to learn more on the importance of support from a multidisciplinary team, with key insights from the CEO and Founder of The Feeding Trust, speech and language therapist Natalie Morris, and registered dietitian Lucy Upton. Together, they explain the skills, factors and communication style to consider when managing children with eating difficulties, providing plenty of practical tips for your own clinical practice.**

Our expert speech and language therapist Natalie Morris
answers all your burning questions from the webinar.

*Ref: Data on file. ACBS submission ActaJuni Shake. Jan 2020

**This video contains some promotional content at the end.

1. Compared to ONS products available for the management of disease related malnutrition in younger children, MIMS August 2022