Discover more on ActaJuni Shake with our most commonly asked paediatric questions.

What is AYMES ActaJuni Shake used for?

It is designed to be used as supplement to the normal diet in children with or at risk of developing disease related malnutrition and/or growth failure. It can be taken as a nourishing drink or added to foods to increase their nutritional density.

How should I make up AYMES ActaJuni Shake

AYMES ActaJuni Shake is designed to be mixed with 150ml of water. It can be made up with other fluids such as milk or some fruit juices e.g apple, if desired.

Is AYMES ActaJuni Shake suitable for vegetarians?

All flavours are suitable for vegetarians.

Is ActaJuni Shake suitable for children with Coeliac Disease?

AYMES ActaJuni Shake is gluten free so is suitable for use in children with Coeliac Disease.

Is ActaJuni Shake suitable for children with Cows' Milk Allergy

AYMES ActaJuni Shake contains milk protein so would NOT be suitable for a child with Cows' Milk Allergy.

Can I use ActaJuni Shake to fortify foods?

Yes, ActaJuni Shake can be added to a variety of recipes, it can be added to a variety of foods to increase the nutritional density.

Can I use ActaJuni Shake mixed with other liquids?

Yes, although we recommend ActaJuni Shake is mixed with 150ml of water, it can be mixed with other liquids including both dairy and plant based milks as well as some fruit juices e.g. apple juice.