Giving back and giving hope this Christmas

December 15, 2021 2 min read

Being part of change in the world

This Christmas, we’re delighted to be supporting Hope and Soul, a UK registered charity established in 2013 by British nurse, Hope Prosser. Their mission is to support Tanzania’s most vulnerable children to live safely and independently. But most importantly, they ensure that children receive an education. Some of the young children supported by the charity attend a day care centre, providing more stimulation, as well as employment opportunities for local women and importantly, nutritious meals for the children. Without the centre, many children who attend would be at high risk of malnutrition.

Unfortunately, the funding for the day care centre ends in December, threatening the future of this important initiative. Whilst Hope and Soul plan to take over the day care centre in February, they must urgently raise funds to cover salaries, rent, utility bills and food until then. To help keep this centre alive, AYMES are making a charitable donation to ensure that the children are supported and receive a nutritious, daily meal whilst the centre is in this transitional period.


One of the young children who will benefit greatly from the day care centre and additional funding is Praise. As the volunteer from Hope and Soul described: “Praise is a lovely, soft spoken little girl. She is very clever and loves attending the day care centre. Her single mother does odd jobs to get by, often leaving Praise alone for long hours. Before her mama found the day care centre, an incident occurred one afternoon where a neighbour broke into their home and assaulted Praise. Thanks to the centre, no one will hurt her again and her mama can work without worrying about her daughter’s safety or whether she will go hungry.”

Speaking about the donation, Founder of Hope and Soul, Hope Prosser says:

“This donation [from AYMES] is going to make a huge difference, not only for the children (who will benefit from receiving a nutritious and varied diet), but also for their mothers who are working long hours to provide for their families. This will provide them with peace of mind knowing that their children are safe at the day centre, and if they haven’t earned enough money to provide food for their family, their child will have been fed a wholesome meal.”

At AYMES we’re proud to be supporting Hope and Soul and would like to thank all our partners and healthcare professionals for all your hard work – it’s thanks to you we can continue to support such incredible initiatives.
If you’d like to find out more on how to donate to this cause and help support the vulnerable and malnourished children in Tanzania, you can do so on the Hope and Soul charity website.