What Healthcare Professionals Say About AYMES

*Previously AYMES Savoury

**Previously AYMES Shake Extra

“I used AYMES Shake successfully with a patient. She really liked the taste and was happy to drink 2 servings per day. As a result, I have been able to meet my goal of stopping her enteral feed and getting her on to a full oral diet.” 
Dietitian, Nottingham
“Amazing product can't wait to use it!”  
Dietitian, Co. Durham 
“Excellent product available at a low cost price. Donating to The Silverline also a good idea. Very good range of flavours available especially enjoyed the banana! Will be offering the option of AYMES for future clients. Hope to see the product range expand.” 
Dietitian, Tyne and Wear
“Good creamy taste and good range of flavours” 
Dietitian, Jersey
“I enjoyed the shake and thought it was very palatable.” 
Dietitian, Basingstoke. 

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