Introducing our speakers

Pooja Dhir RD

Pooja Dhir is a specialist freelance dietitian and current PhD student. Pooja has worked as a specialist surgical dietitian (covering a wide range of surgical areas) seeing patients as inpatient and outpatients in the NHS. Pooja continues to see patients both pre and post-surgery in private practice with CityDietitians and has written numerous articles for nutrition magazines.

Sophie Medlin RD

Sophie Medlin is a consultant Dietitian and Director of CityDietitians. Sophie worked in the NHS specialising in gastrointestinal surgery and continues to focus on preoperative and postoperative nutrition support for patients in her private practice. Sophie is a go-to spokesperson for the media when it comes to evidence-based nutrition and regularly features in the press and on television.

This event is intended for healthcare professionals only

Learning objectives:

  • The key pathways where nutrition is a focus point during the surgical journey. Including prehabilitation; ERAS; and rehabilitation.
  • An update on current clinical guidelines.
  • An update on current research.
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