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+What do AYMES do?

At AYMES, we develop high-quality, great-tasting and cost-effective oral nutritional supplements (ONS) for the dietary management of disease related malnutrition in adults and children.

We put nutritional care at the centre of all we do; in the products we make and the partnerships we keep. With a combined experience of over 100 years in medical nutrition, our range of carefully selected products have been developed in response to customer feedback and patient needs, building a range of innovative products to help improve patient’s lives.

+How can I contact AYMES?

You can reach our dedicated Customer Care team via the contact form on our website, live chat, email, or you can phone on +44 (0)800 678 5145.

+How can I learn more about AYMES?

To stay in touch and hear the latest product news, information on upcoming events and handy resources, sign up to our newsletter at here. For more detailed product information, why not book a meeting with our team of Product Specialists.

+What career opportunities do AYMES offer?

We’re always on the lookout for bright and talented individuals, for more on this, visit our careers page and follow us on LinkedIn for up-to-date job opportunities.

+Where are AYMES located?

AYMES is a fully remote business, with a team of experts UK-wide. Should you want to write to us, you can do so at PO BOX 853, Haywards Heath, RH16 9PL.

+Why has my prescription changed to an AYMES product?

Healthcare professionals prescribe the right oral nutritional supplements for patients based on dietary needs at that time and in line with NHS guidelines. This may change due to a change in personal circumstances, availability of products or new, more suitable or cost-effective solutions to suit your needs. For any queries regarding your prescription, please speak with your local healthcare professional.

+Can I request my prescription to be changed to an AYMES product?

Speak with your healthcare professional about trying AYMES product samples, they will be able to guide and prescribe the right product based on your nutritional requirements.

+Do you have any recipes for oral nutritional supplements or serving suggestions for AYMES products?

We have a wide range of sweet and savoury recipes available on our website, using our products to create tasty meals, drinks and desserts to suit your tastebuds. You can also ask your healthcare professional to place an order for one of our free recipe books.

+What should I do if the AYMES product I’ve been prescribed is out of stock?

All products will be prescribed through your healthcare professional, should there be any issues with stock availability they will be able to guide on suitable alternatives.

+Where can I find AYMES product codes?

All product ordering codes can be found on our ordering info page on the website.

+Could I make cost savings by prescribing AYMES oral nutritional supplements?

AYMES products are competitively priced; we’re confident that we can help you save money by switching to AYMES. To find out more, you can arrange a meeting with our business development managers to discuss your options.

+Does AYMES offer any other support for GPs, dietitians and healthcare professionals?

Our goal is to support our healthcare partners in delivering the best possible nutritional care for your patients. To help, we offer a range of handy tools, data sheets and product ordering information as well as educational CPD webinars and content resources in the AYMES Academy section of our website. Our team of dietitians and product specialists work closely with care homes, GP surgeries, universities, and dietetic departments to provide 1:1 or group product training or educational support in the use of oral nutritional supplements to help tackle malnutrition in the community. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.

+Do you have CPD articles and webinars accessible for HCPs?

Yes, you can access a host of useful educational CPD articles, blogs, infographics and webinars in the AYMES Academy section of the website. Sign up to our newsletter to find out more on any upcoming events:

+Do you have any product recipes I can share with my patients?

We have a wide range of sweet and savoury recipes available on our website, using our products to create tasty meals, drinks and desserts to help aid patient compliance. You can also place an order on our Sample Service for product-specific recipe books to be delivered directly to patients or carers.

+What types of products do AYMES make?

AYMES offer a wide range of oral nutritional supplements, developed for the dietary management of those with or at risk of disease-related malnutrition. Our products are available in powder, ready-to-drink, juice and dessert-style formats depending on patient preference.
More detailed product information can be found on the relevant product pages on our website.

+Where can I find nutritional information breakdown for AYMES products?

All product nutritional information can be found on the relevant product pages of the website, downloadable data sheets and the product packaging. Should you have any queries though, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

+How do I prepare AYMES powdered oral nutritional supplements?

Preparing AYMES powdered supplements are simple. They can be prepared either using a shaker (included in your Starter Pack) or using a fork or whisk, both options are detailed out on product packs.

Or you can view our handy video guides:

+Have you tested the IDDSI levels of AYMES nutritional supplements?

Yes, AYMES oral nutritional products have been tested to provide an indicative IDDSI level. These have been validated internally using an in-depth testing protocol by our team of product development scientists and externally by an independent Speech and Language Therapist. 

However, please note that the suitability of ONS for individual patients with dysphagia is a clinical decision based on the healthcare professional’s clinical judgement as numerous factors can influence the IDDSI level of an ONS at the point of consumption.

More information can be found on product IDDSI levels and the associated testing methods in our IDDSI statement.

+How are AYMES products stored?

ONS products can be stored in a cool, dry place. Patients may wish to refrigerate or warm up based on personal preference or time of the year. For example, in summer months, ActaGain Juce may be more refreshing served chilled and in winter can be warmed up for a comforting hot drink. For individual instructions once opened please refer to the product data sheet.

+Which products can be mixed with milk?

The following AYMES products can be prepared with milk:

ActaSolve Delight
ActaSolve High Energy
ActaSolve Protein Compact
AYMES Shake Compact
AYMES Shake Fibre
Please see individual product packs for instructions on how to mix.

+Which products can be mixed with water?

The following AYMES products can be prepared with water:

ActaJuni Shake
ActaSolve Savoury
ActaSolve Smoothie
Please see individual product packs for instructions on how to mix.

+Can I buy AYMES products directly?

Yes, you can purchase AYMES Retail powdered supplement directly from our website. Available in 4 tasty flavours; Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana and Vanilla.

AYMES oral nutritional supplements are foods for special medical purposes and should be used under medical supervision. Please contact your healthcare professional to discuss product suitability for your individual needs.

+How do I find out about new products or flavours?

You can sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on new product information or reach out to our Product Specialists at any time to arrange a meeting.

+Do you offer paediatric products?

Yes, ActaJuni Shake is the first of its kind in the paediatric market. It has been developed using natural flavours to support children and families with the nutritional support they need. Available in four child-friendly flavours; Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Banana. 

We have a dedicated FAQs page for ActiJuni Shake

+Are AYMES products suitable for patients with diabetes?

AYMES ONS can be used in patients with diabetes, however they should be used under medical supervision so that blood glucose levels can be closely monitored.

+Are AYMES products suitable for cancer patients?

Yes, AYMES products are suitable for those with cancer as guided by healthcare professionals.

+Are AYMES products suitable for children?

ActaJuni Shake is a powdered product, available in a range of flavours developed especially for use in children, aged 3+ years. Our other AYMES products may be suitable for use in older children, however, this should be as advised by the child’s healthcare professional.

+Are AYMES products suitable for pregnant women?

Excessive intakes of vitamin A should be avoided during pregnancy. All of our products contain vitamin A. Healthcare professionals will be able to advise on the most suitable products from our range.

+Are AYMES products suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

We have a range of products suitable for vegetarian diets, however, the colouring derived from cochineal may not be acceptable to some vegetarians and is found in the following AYMES ONS:

AYMES 2.0kcal - Strawberry flavour
ActaGain 2.4 Complete Maxi - Strawberry flavour
ActaGain 600 Strawberry flavour
AYMES Complete Strawberry flavour

For patients following a vegan diet, try ActaSolve Smoothie as registered with The Vegan Society. Available in Mango, Peach, Pineapple & Strawberry and Cranberry flavours.

More detailed information on product suitability can be found here: product suitability

+Are AYMES products suitable for patients with coeliac disease and gluten intolerance?

All AYMES products are made from a gluten-free recipe and are suitable for those with coeliac disease.

+Are AYMES products soya free?

You can find detailed information on our products and allergens here:

+Do AYMES products contain lactose?

You can find detailed information on our products, including those which contain lactose here:

+Can I order free samples of AYMES products?

Yes, you can order AYMES products free of charge through our next-day delivery Sample Service. Order directly to patients or for your healthcare team in hospital or community settings.

+How do I place a sample order?

Click on the ‘Order Samples’ tab in the main menu of the website. From here, it will guide you through the process and various options step-by-step. You can either create an account which will remember your delivery details for next time, or simply check-out as a guest.

+Where do you deliver?

Samples can be delivered UK-wide

+Do you offer next-day delivery?

For sample orders placed before 12 noon, we offer a next day delivery service. During bank holidays, these timings may differ, so keep an eye out for any updates when placing an order.

+What if I have not received part of my order?

Please contact Customer Care if there are any issues concerning your order. You can reach the team by email, phone 0800 678 5145 or live chat on the website

+How do I know you have received my order?

Once the order has been placed, you will receive an email confirmation with a summary of your order, delivery details and estimated delivery date.

+Can I make changes to my order? (e.g. address)?

We all make mistakes! Should you wish to change any details of your sample order, please contact as soon as possible to make any changes.

+Can I order AYMES products to be delivered directly to my patients?

Yes, AYMES products can be ordered free-of-charge directly to patients (or to yourself) through our online next-day delivery sample service. Note that product quantities differ depending on the option selected, so please bear this in mind when placing an order.

+How do I cancel my order?

If you or your patient changes your mind and wish to cancel your order, please contact as soon as possible to prevent any wastage.

+As a patient, can I order samples?

Speak with your healthcare professional about trying AYMES product samples, they will be able to guide and let you try the right product based on your nutritional requirements.

+Can I order an AYMES shaker?

Yes, AYMES shakers can be ordered separately should you need one. Note that each powdered product Starter Pack contains one shaker, so best double check before ordering too many.

+Is AYMES shaker dishwasher safe?

Yes, you can pop the shaker in your dishwasher – simply remove the small mixing ball before doing so.

+What should I do if I’ve forgotten my password for sample orders?

Don’t worry if you forget your password, you can re-set this by clicking on the ‘forgotten your password’ link on the Sample Service log in page. You will then receive an email which will guide you through next steps.

+How do I change my password?

If you wish to change your password for security reasons, you can do so through the ‘forgotten your password’ link on the Sample Service log in page and select the appropriate option.

+How do I change my email address?

To change your email address in the Sample Service log-in section of the website, simply click on ‘forgotten password’ and select ‘reset email’. From there, it will guide you through next steps.

+Why am I experiencing problems entering my details?

If you are having problems logging in, please check that your keyboard is not on CAPS lock, double check spelling and internet connections. Note that you can place product sample orders via mobile phone too. If you continue to have issues, please contact

+How do I unsubscribe from your email newsletter?

All email communications have an option to unsubscribe in the footer should you wish to change your email preferences.