Mixing Instructions & Serving Suggestions

AYMES nutritional supplements can be thickened and used to support patients experiencing swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) and struggling to maintain oral intake.

Guidance on thickening drinks is provided under the care of a Speech and Language Therapist, and it is important to follow their advice.

All our thickening guides have been developed and approved by HCPC registered Speech & Language Therapists. We have created several guides, videos and recipes to help your patients get the most from AYMES supplements.

Below you will find our traditional mixing instructions along with instructions on how to thicken all of AYMES Shake, AYMES Savoury Chicken and AYMES Complete supplements. We also have recipes for using AYMES Shake and AYMES Savoury Chicken with a wide variety of foods and drinks. Each download also contains helpful serving suggestions to improve the taste and consistency of AYMES supplements, which aid the patient’s tolerance and compliance.


Mixing Instructions for AYMES Shake

Mixing Instructions
Recipe Guidelines 

Mixing Instructions for AYMES Savoury

Mixing Instructions
Recipe Guidelines

Mixing Instructions for AYMES Complete

Thickening Instructions - Text Guide by AYMES

Tasty Recipes for AYMES Shake

Try out some tasty recipes which have all been tried and approved by the AYMES team.
Custard by AYMES
Mousse by AYMES
Porridge by AYMES
Breakfast Cereal by AYMES
Cup A Soup by AYMES
Banana Longboat by AYMES
Crème Caramel Shake by AYMES
Banoffee Milkshake by AYMES
Carbonated Drinks by AYMES
Fruit Juice Drinks by AYMES
Mocha by AYMES
Double Hot Chocolate by AYMES
Coconut Hot Chocolate by AYMES