Frequently Asked Questions

What is AYMES Shake?

AYMES Shake is an oral nutritional supplement and is suitable for most malnourished or underweight patients at risk of malnutrition. AYMES Shake has a comprehensive flavour range, is presented in powder format and provides a nutritionally-balanced (1.6kcal/ml), milkshake-style sip feed when reconstituted with 200ml whole milk. It has a complete range of vitamins and minerals and is available in Banana (the most popular flavour for powdered nutritional supplements), Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Neutral flavours.

Can I prescribe AYMES Nutritional Supplements for my patients? 

AYMES Shake and AYMES Complete are designed for the dietary management of patients with, or at risk of, disease-related malnutrition. They are available on prescription and approved on FP/GP10 for patients with short-bowel syndrome, intractable malabsorption, pre-operative preparation of patients who are undernourished, proven inflammatory bowel disease, following total gastrectomy, dysphagia, bowel fistulas and disease-related malnutrition.

Could I make cost-savings by prescribing AYMES Nutritional Supplements?

Yes. Due to our Price Pledge, AYMES are one of the lowest-cost and best value oral nutritional supplement manufacturers on the market, and therefore the sensible choice for helping reduce the cost of the NHS prescribing budget. For more information on exactly what savings your department or surgery could make, please request a visit from our AYMES Partnership Managers

Where is AYMES Shake manufactured?

AYMES Shake is made in the UK by a well-known and trusted manufacturer that also manufactures for many other well-known nutrition brands. We have systems in place to handle any sudden increases in stock requirements, and we hold a large volume of buffer stock for this reason. It is good practice to ask your nutritional supplement supplier whether they have contingency plans. If you have any concerns about your current supplier or would like more information about our contingency plans, simply request a visit from our AYMES Partnership Mangers who would be more than happy to help.

Do you have any recipes for oral nutritional supplements or serving suggestions for AYMES Products?

AYMES Shake powder is at its best when reconstituted with 200ml whole milk to achieve the optimum nutritional profile best possible flavour.
There are 40 recipes in our AYMES Recipe Guidelines booklet along with mixing and thickening instructions. The booklet contains additional serving suggestions and nutritional profiles for each supplement recipe. You can order a copy here. 


Can I order free samples of AYMES products?

AYMES sample packs are available free of charge to UK Healthcare Professionals and are available to order here.
Each AYMES Shake Sample Pack contains 5 x 57g mixed flavour sachets plus a shaker, and each AYMES Complete Sample Pack contains 4 x 200ml mixed flavour bottles with ergonomic straws – perfect for your patients to try all of our delicious flavours
AYMES Shake sample packs are also available from AAH and Phoenix on FP/GP10.

Can I have some AYMES shakers?

Yes. You can order AYMES Shakers here


Does AYMES offer any other support for GPs, Dietitians and Healthcare Professionals? 

AYMES Partnership Managers work in close collaboration with surgeries, nursing homes and dietetic departments to support their patients. We provide additional product training and education on the use of oral nutritional supplements and many other additional services to help healthcare professionals tackle malnutrition in the community. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements; please contact us to find out more. 

Where can I find a hard copy of AYMES mixing instructions?

You can find our mixing instructions and other serving suggestions in our Recipe Booklet, which can be ordered here.


Where can I find Data Sheets for AYMES products?

Our data sheets, which list all ingredients and diet suitability, are available online and are password protected. To request a password please call our Careline on +44 (0) 845 680 5496. 


Are AYMES Products suitable for Vegetarians?

You can find a list of diets for which AYMES is suitable here or alternatively please refer to our data sheets for more information.


Which AYMES Flavours are nutritionally complete in vitamins and minerals?

All AYMES Complete flavours are nutritionally complete in vitamins and minerals.


How can I contact AYMES?

You can call our Customer Careline on +44 (0) 845 680 5496. We do not charge for calls to this number, but there will be an access charge imposed by your phone company. Please see here for details of your phone company’s access charge.

Alternatively you can email us on and request a call back.

Ordering Information

Where can I order AYMES Products?

AYMES Products are available to order directly from AAH and Phoenix.

AYMES Shake Order Codes.

Product Barcode PIP Code
 AYMES Shake Banana 5060286630310 374-9033
 AYMES Shake Chocolate 5060286630358 374-9025
 AYMES Shake Strawberry 5060286630297 374-9009
 AYMES Shake Vanilla 5060286630334 374-9017
 AYMES Shake Neutral 5060286630372 374-8993
 AYMES Shake Sample Pack  5060286630396 384-9643
 AYMES Shake Chicken 5060286630969 400-9932 

AYMES Complete Order Codes.

Product Barcode PIP Code
AYMES Complete Banana 5060286630167 374-9579
AYMES Complete Chocolate 5060286630228 374-9553
AYMES Complete Strawberry 5060286630136 374-9595
AYMES Complete Vanilla 5060286630198 374-9587
 AYMES Complete Sample Pack  5060286630679 388-6439

AYMES Shake Extra Order Codes.

Product Barcode PIP Code
AYMES Shake Extra Banana 5060286631409 405-2551
AYMES Shake Extra Chocolate 5060286631423 405-2577
AYMES Shake Extra Strawberry 5060286631478 405-2593
 AYMES Shake Extra Vanilla 5060286631492 405-2585
 AYMES Shake Extra Sample Pack  5060286631454 405-2569


AYMES Shake Compact Order Codes.

Product Barcode PIP Code
AYMES Shake Compact Banana 5060286630716 389-7352
AYMES Shake Compact Chocolate 5060286630693 389-7360
AYMES Shake Compact Strawberry 5060286630730 389-7345
AYMES Shake Compact Vanilla 5060286630754 389-7337
AYMES Shake Compact Neutral 5060286630655 388-6371
 AYMES Shake Compact Sample Pack 5060286630938 395-2496


AYMES Savoury Order Codes.

Product Barcode PIP Code
AYMES Savoury Chicken 5060286630969 400-9932
AYMES Savoury Vegetable 5060286631690 407-0330


AYMES 2.0kCal Order Codes.

Product Barcode PIP Code
  AYMES 2.0kCal Banana 5060286631553 405-2635
 AYMES 2.0kCal Strawberry 5060286631348 404-0119
 AYMES 2.0kCal Vanilla 5060286631379 404-0127


AYMES Creme Order Codes.

Product Barcode PIP Code
AYMES Creme Chocolate 5060286631539 405-2601
AYMES Creme Vanilla 5060286631515 405-2619


AYMES ActaGain Order Codes.

Product Barcode PIP Code
ActaGain 2.4 Complete Maxi Strawberry 5060286630713 407-5073
ActaGain 2.4 Complete Maxi Vanilla 5060286630737 407-5081


All AYMES Products are listed on all the relevant prescribing systems. If you experience any problems, please check with your provider that the software is up-to-date or contact our customer services team for assistance.