AYMES Retail Ordering Information

Product Codes

Product Flavour Unit Size Case Size PIP Code
 AYMES Retail Vanilla 4 x 38g 6 units 395-1159
 AYMES Retail Strawberry 4 x 38g 6 units 395-1142
 AYMES Retail Chocolate 4 x 38g 6 units 395-1167
 AYMES Retail Banana 4 x 38g 6 units 394-1134

SIGMA Pharmaceuticals

SIGMA Pharmaceuticals plc
Unit 1-7 Colonial Way
WD24 4YR

To order through SIGMA Pharmaceuticals plc:

  1. Call SIGMA Pharmaceuticals Customer Services team on +44 (0) 800 358 4427
  2. Place your order via SIGMA Pharmaceuticals Free fax on +44 (0) 800 597 4439
  3. E-mail: info@sigmaplc.co.uk

SIGMA Pharmaceuticals are also able to accommodate orders through pharmacy PMR systems, including ProScript, Nexphase and Link whilst also having published our very own ordering software, Sigma Direct and Sigma ET, which is available complimentary to all Sigma customers. Sigma ET software can be downloaded by clicking here.



AAH Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Cavalry Hill Industrial Park

tel: 0344 561 8899

To order through AAH you will need to register by using one of the following options:

  1. Call the New Accounts Helpline: 0344 561 2008
  2. Follow the link to the website: http://www.aah.co.uk/shop/en-GB/aahpoint/opening-an-aah-account 


Alliance Healthcare

43 Cox Lane
Surrey, KT9 1SN

tel: 020 8391 2323
email: information@alliance-healthcare.co.uk

To order through Alliance Healthcare you will need to register by using one of the following options:
  1. Call the your local service centre details of which can be found her: http://www.alliance-healthcare.co.uk/contact-us/service-centres
  2. Follow the link to the website: https://direct2.alliance-healthcare.co.uk/uni2