AYMES Retail – Nourishment Made Simple

Oral Nutrition Support Available Over The Counter

AYMES Retail is a nutritional supplement powder, based on skimmed milk powder with added carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals, which provides a nutritionally balanced supplement drink when reconstituted with whole milk or water.

AYMES Retail nutritional supplements may be used whenever poor food intake highlights the need for additional nourishment. 

For example

  • Whilst awaiting hospital admission, nutritional status may be compromised
  • Elderly people who experience difficulties shopping or cooking may find that sudden illness prevents them from doing either
  • After surgery, when successful recovery depends on good nutrition
  • During minor illness when conventional foods are temporarily unacceptable

AYMES Retail shakes are available in 4 sweet flavours Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla. Each flavour is high in calcium, protein, iron and vitamin D, making them a delicious way to improve nutritional intake, so you can be confident that when you buy AYMES Retail, you are receiving additional balanced nutrition.

AYMES Retail is available at local pharmacies and retail outlets, sold in cartons of 4 x 38g sachets with an attractive price point and a fresh looking pack design that stands out from its neighbours on the shelf.

AYMES Retail Range – At A Glance

74p per serving

Contains calories, protein and a range of vitamins and minerals in every serving

Comes in a versatile powder format, which allows the flexibility to choose the volume desired when reconstituting it, and also the option to mix it with whole milk, or water


Nutrition Data Sheet Available For Healthcare Professionals

Download Data Sheet

AYMES Retail Nutrition Data Sheets are available for download. Please note that our Nutrition Data Sheets are password protected and for use by Dietitians and Healthcare Professionals only.  Please contact data@aymes.com from your NHS email account, to obtain the password.


AYMES Retail Ordering Information For Pharmacies & Retailers

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