Great-Tasting, Milkshake-Style Oral Nutritional Supplement

AYMES Shake is a nutritionally-balanced, high-energy (1.6kcal/ml), milkshake-style supplement when reconstituted with whole milk. Presented in a powder format, based on skimmed milk powder with added carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals, it is available in a range of flavours that patients really enjoy.

AYMES Shake is high in calories and protein, designed for the dietary management of underweight patients with, or at risk, of disease-related malnutrition, so you can be confident when you prescribe AYMES Shake that you are providing your patients with the nutrition and energy they need. AYMES Shake is approved on GP10/FP10. 

Patients prescribed nutritional supplements can enjoy a variety of flavours, as AYMES Shake is available in Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Neutral flavours. All flavours are nutritionally balanced, contain the full range of vitamins and minerals and are a source of protein. 

AYMES Shake is one of the best value oral nutrition supplement powders available**, and therefore a sensible choice for cost savings. Please contact us for more information.

Each sachet of AYMES Shake can be reconstituted with 200ml of whole milk or water. We recommend using whole milk to achieve a creamier taste and an improved nutritional profile. AYMES Shake tastes better when served cold, but, if preferred, can be served warm. Download the mixing instructions from the link below.

Sample Pack and Shaker

AYMES Shake comes presented in individual flavour cartons conveniently containing 7 x 57g sachets. It is also available as AYMES Shake Sample Pack, containing a sachet of each flavour plus an AYMES Shaker, this can be delivered free of charge to Healthcare professionals or direct to patient. 

AYMES Shake – At A Glance

Available in Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Neutral.

Taste tests have shown it tastes as good as the leading powder brand.*

One of the best value nutritional supplements available.**

Contains a balanced amount of calories and protein per serving so you can be confident when you prescribe AYMES Shake that you are providing your patients with excellent nutrition.

Comes in a convenient powder format, which means it can also be added to other meals to improve their nutritional profile.

Additional Information About AYMES Shake

AYMES Shake (Sweet Flavours) Nutrition Data Sheet 

Mixing Instructions 

Please note that our Nutrition Data Sheets are for Dietitians and Healthcare Professionals only and are password protected. Please contact from your NHS email account, to obtain your password.

* Tastes as good as Complan Shake (Nutricia). Nutritional Supplement Data on file.
** Price of AYMES Shake compare to Ensure Shake and Complan Shake.