Great-Tasting, Soup-Style ONS

AYMES Savoury Vegetable

AYMES Savoury is a nutritionally-balanced, soup-style savoury supplement. Available in two delicious flavour Chicken and Vegetable, it is presented as 7 x 57g sachets providing a convenient way to treat patients with, or at risk of, disease-related malnutrition but who have a preference for savoury flavours. Reconstituted with 200ml hot water, AYMES Savoury provides 251 calories, 9.2g protein, 8.5g fat and 27 vitamins and minerals*. This warming soup is ideal in colder months and can be taken as part of a meal or between meals as a snack.​

​AYMES Savoury is ideal served warm as a soup, and can also be used in recipes, for example as a sauce or in gravy. It should be made with hot water, not boiling as this can destroy some of the nutrients.


AYMES Savoury – At A Glance

Nutritionally-balanced supplement.

Available in Chicken and Vegetable flavours

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