Nutrimedical partnership

May 09, 2018 1 min read

AYMES International, a leading provider to the oral nutritional supplement prescription market in the UK, has announced its intention to enter into partnership with fellow provider NutriMedical.

Both companies specialise in supporting patients with clinical nutrition products prescribed for the dietary management of malnutrition.

The partnership will provide both companies with bases in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Switzerland with products currently available in 10 countries and registered or in process of registration in 12 more.

AYMES has a strong track record in the UK, helping NHS, NHS Trusts, and Clinical Commissioning Groups to achieve cost savings.

AYMES is now the market leader in the provision of ONS powder shake products to the NHS, having entered the market 5 years ago with the lowest-priced powder.

AYMES presence in the ready-to-drink market has grown by 97.4% year-on-year, following the launch of AYMES Complete, a product which delivered immediate savings to the NHS for prescribing the product.

Nutrimedical provides private label or branded products internationally. Together they are able to offer the highest quality products, extremely cost-effectively on a worldwide stage.

Commenting, Sander Ketelaar, CEO of NutriMedical, said: "We look forward to bringing an innovative approach to supplying international markets with our comprehensive range of products."

"These include sip and tube feeds as well as powder formats, to benefit both prescribers and patients. Our joint intention is to combat the diabolical effects of malnutrition and reduce the burden of the cost of treating it on a worldwide scale."



source: Nutraceutiacal Business Review