New Product of the Year Award Nomination

May 14, 2020 2 min read

We’re proud to announce that AYMES ActaSolve Smoothie has been shortlisted for the 2020 Complete Nutrition Magazine Award for ’New Product of the Year’.


"AYMES ActaSolve Smoothie, formerly AYMES Shake Smoothie, was reformulated on 1st February 2020. Already made with plant-based protein and recommended to be mixed with 150ml water, this reformulation saw the vitamin D3, previously derived from lanolin in sheep’s wool, replaced with vitamin D2. AYMES ActaSolve Smoothie is the first nutritionally balanced ONS registered with the Vegan Society and suitable for vegan diets.

Managing undernutrition can be difficult for anyone, and many vegans must overcome the added challenges of nutrition support systems geared towards people who consume animal products. Registered with the vegan society, this nutritionally balanced, supplement provides 297kcal and 10.7g protein, for just £1 per serving. This is comparable to the most commonly recommended milk-based supplements, meaning that this solution doesn’t compromise on nutritional benefits.

AYMES ActaSolve Smoothie comes in 4 delicious, natural flavours, Peach, Mango, Pineapple and Strawberry & Cranberry to provide variety and help to reduce flavour fatigue, and boasts a 81.4% compliance rate. A 24-month shelf-life and a convenient format, along with a supporting recipe book make life even easier for patients. This epitomises AYMES’ vision to provide innovative, low-cost and high-quality nutritional supplements, providing dietitians with simple solutions to aid them in helping their patients."

The 2020 CN Awards* provide the chance for all readers, advertisers and contributors of CN Magazines to come together to recognise the achievements of those whose great work has made a significant difference within the nutrition industry – whether an individual, group or organisation. For further information about the CN Awards and to cast your votes, click  here. 

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