• NHS Faces Higher Costs For Treating Malnutrition in 2017

    The Cost of Treating Under-Nutrition in The Community

    People with disease-related malnutrition or under-nutrition have a higher risk of developing infections, pressure sores and a whole host of other nutrition-related problems.2

    BAPEN estimates that malnutrition in England costs £19.6 billion annually and this figure will increase as the population ages and as healthcare costs rise.2

    Treating malnutrition saves the NHS money by helping to reduce hospital admissions, and we know that providing nutritional support to under-nourished patients reduces problems such as the breakdown of wounds by 70% and reduces death by 40%.2

    Treating Malnutrition Saves The NHS Money 

    BAPEN’s economic analysis also shows that using nutrition support including oral nutritional supplementation does save the healthcare system money overall.3

    NHS Prescribing Costs Set To Rise Due To Falling Pound

    The falling pound has caused a 12.2% increase in costs for manufacturers, the biggest rise for five years.4

    It is inevitable that these soaring costs will be passed on to the NHS in 2017.

    £91.3 Million Spent On Oral Nutritional Supplements In 2016

    The NHS spent £91.3million on treating adult under-nutrition with oral nutritional supplements between September 2015 and August 2016 and the spending on dietary supplements will only continue to grow in 2017.1

    Cost-Effective Prescribing of Supplements Would Ease Financial Pressures 

    There is no doubt that measures to reduce the cost of prescribing supplements must be the top priority for every dietetic department and GP surgery in the UK.

    Switching to lower cost nutritional supplements like AYMES Shake or AYMES Complete would mitigate rising costs.

    AYMES Price Pledge: The Most Cost Effective Nutrition Solution 

    AYMES is a British business and whole-heartedly supports cost-effective prescribing of oral nutritional supplements.

    In fact, AYMES firmly believes treating malnutrition in the UK should be as cost-effective for the NHS as possible and we have always maintained our Price Pledge: To be the most cost-effective nutrition provider in the community, by price matching against leading supplement brands in the UK. 

    Switching To AYMES Shake Could Save The NHS £100,000s

    Dietitians are well placed to help save the NHS £100,000s by leading the way in switching to lower cost supplements like AYMES Shake and AYMES Complete.

    Even in spite of the impending production cost increases as a result of Brexit and the falling pound, GPs and dietitians prescribing AYMES nutritional products can help to save the NHS a small fortune.

    AYMES Partnership Managers Can Save Your Trust Money 

    AYMES Partnership Managers are happy to discuss with you the potential cost savings from switching to AYMES supplements and the benefits of our nutritional products for your patients.

    To find out how an AYMES Partnership Manager could help you and your team, please click here.


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